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NeuroDiagnostic Tools

The Viking and Synergy NCS, EMG, EP and IOM systems are the most widely used and trusted systems in neurodiagnostics. The efficient and reliable systems allow you the flexibility of choosing between portable or desk top options as well as various application options in nerve conduction (NCS), needle electromyography (EMG), and evoked potential (EP) testing. Highest quality amplifiers provide you the peace of mind and confidence that your data are accurate and reliable.

Nicolet Endeavor CR
Endeavor IOM system

The Nicolet Endeavor CR is an Intraoperative Monitoring Mobile System that can withstand the extreme environment and multi-modality demands of the operating room.

Providing critical information needed by surgeons and anesthesiologists to ensure that neurological and physiologic systems are not being compromised during spinal, cranial, vascular, and orthopedic surgeries.

  • Robust 16 channel amplifier enhances the resolution needed for accurate results
  • Trending allows for fast response to clinical changes
  • Display settings for all possible recording parameters
  • Remote viewing allows experts to see into the OR without entering
  • VLink/HL7 compatible

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Viking and Synergy EMG Systems
Viking EMG/NCS System

Synergy EMG/NCS System

Viking and Synergy EMG systems are the most widely used and trusted names in neurodiagnostics.

  • Choice of  portable notebook or compact desk top system.
  • Choice of 2, 5 and 10 channel systems and a variety of test packages to match your needs.
  • Simple set up with the powerful Test Configuration Wizard and montaging via software.
  • Patient side controls via the Control Panel, Deluxe Stimulator and Amplifier so you can work closer to your patient.
  • Monitor trace window next to the acquisition screen – check signal quality and prevent artifact from overloading the averaged response.
  • Compare sides and reference values with AutoCompare, Differences and Compare.
  • Review your Microsoft Word report on-line. Add your chosen traces, results, graphs; add comments and annotate specific runs while testing.
  • Share your data across a network via NicVue and V-Link.

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Nicolet Monitor
Nicolet Monitor

Nicolet Monitor enable continuous monitoring of acutely ill patients at risk for brain damage and diagnoses the patient’s cerebral function.

The EEG trend and alerts from the Nicolet Monitor provide ICU staff with information they need. It can be use for premature neonates to older adults.

  • Diagnosis of patient’s cerebral function
  • Online observation can help prevent irreversible brain damage
  • Trends quickly identify pathological signals for immediate intervention
  • aEEG trend and alerts triggered by clinical events provide ICU staff with necessary data
  • Customizable protocols for NICU, Neuro ICU, Stroke, Trauma and Cardiovascular ICUs

Clinically Relevant Software Includes:

  • Spike & Seizure
  • Burst Suppression
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Trends
  • Mapping